Digital identity and visual


How to convert the physical space in the navigation menu of an application. Integrate into a single Ibeacons application, augmented reality, languages ​​and multimedia content. Creating a different experience when visiting a museum or reading a publication.


This design exercise involved creating an identity to decline and fragment into physical media, web and the mobile application itself. Distribute content harmoniously, depending on its origin or format. Unify all types of images and generate a powerful graphic identity that works within this variety of media.


The challenge for a designer, is to know the insides of the programming in Xcode and Unity, to work forming a single programming / design team. A workflow was generated for the delivery of the different types of images, videos and icons, as well as the optimization and order within the repositories. The application was written in native IOS code and the augmented reality was done with Unity, integrating the two platforms into a single stand alone.

App 109

Digital publication

Design and programming: HDFaber.
Year: 2016
Status: Completed
Client: private

#hdfaber #Ios #xcode #estimote #UX #applestore #unity #content