The B-corp 2019 awards have been made in a century-old recycled demolition wood. The wood was rescued from the remodeling of the Old Paris Hotel, a building that currently occupies the Apple store in Puerta del Sol.
Because of the heartwood we think, this Valsain pine was 60 years old when it was felled, according to our calculations it germinated before 1800.


We simply cut and carve each salvaged piece, taking out of it, a fragment, of the original beam.


We sand and oil each of them by hand. Laser engraving the texts. Following the tracking and manufacture of the material, we believe that these pieces do not have a carbon footprint, beyond transportation in 2020.

Bcorp awards 2020

centennial piece rescued from the apple store Madrid

Diseño & fabricación: HDFaber.
Año: 2020
Estado: Terminado
Cliente: Bcorp

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