Material identity, spatial and visual


The watchtower of Langa de Duero is part of a network of defensive fortifications. Exceptional witness of the numerous battles along its territory, the aim is to change its function and become the first of many other spots working as a place of knowledge and reconnection with the territory, the history and its people; The true protagonists.


Overlap, like the layers of history, is what creates the different exhibition concepts on 4 floors of the tower. Although everything is conceived in a unitary and coherent way, each floor is a landscape and is walked in different ways, with different display types and with specific lighting. In this way both the tower and the exhibition content are valued.


The possibility of conceiving the museum in a holistic way has allowed us to monitor the whole process from beginning to end, and therefore, generate content, experiment with displays of graphic and materials, prototype their joints and making the graphics work as a spatial element more. All the fabrication of supports and graphic production has been done in our workshops.


Museographic design, contents, fabrication and mounting: HDFaber.

Location: Castillo del Cubo, Langa de Duero. Soria.
Year: 2019
Área: 380 m2
Status: under construction
Client: Ayuntamiento de Langa de Duero y Avanzia aplicaciones.

#hdfaber #architecture #museography #exhibitiondesign #museumtower #overlapping #digitalfabrication #graphicproduction #illustration #expositorycontents #dryjoints #removable #assemble

First floor

Zero floor

Second floor