Material identity


The challenge: a museographic project designed in Madrid to be mounted more than nine thousand kilometers far, crossing the ocean and being built in the middle of the jungle. Each decision makes the project possible or unfeasible. But above all, a vision: the opportunity of showing the richness of the Guarani culture in the rightful place it deserves.


In this case, together with the client sitting around the same table, the design challenge was to make possible a removable and transportable museography. It was necessary to redesign each assembly and each decomposition of large pieces. It was even necessary to go beyond the standard plans and design a full mounting guide so that any assembler would be able to carry it out almost using a simple allen wrench.


The entire fabrication process was decisive in this project. Every material and constructive system had to solve the atmospheric, constructive and logistical issues. Logistics was reduced from four ship containers to one. Even all parts are easily replaceable if necessary because everything was made by digital fabrication.

Interpretation Center of Guaraní culture.

Iguazú, Paraguay.

Fabrication and mounting: HDFaber.
Location: Iguazú, Paraguay.
Year: 2018
Área: 450 m2
Status: in progress
Client: private
Collaborators: Mofer (mounting)

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