We had to create a flexible office. Under this premise, we designed with Juan Enrique Álvarez a welcoming, useful and extraordinarily versatile space to adapt to the changing conditions of the work team.


The system for the tables was parameterized, allowing the adjustment of each of the organic forms. The walls were made with acoustic drawers and a custom texture. The entire project was made to measure with the client's needs in mind.


The envelope of all the tables, 80m2 in total. It has been made using a waffle slab, which allows support on only 5 legs. Supporting a huge, organic and flexible envelope for users.


Offces and OWSS desk

Desing in colaboration with Juan Enrique Álvarez & fabricación: HDFaber.

Year: 2020
Client: Odigo

#hdfaber #sostenible #forjadoreticulado