Material identity and spatial


Is it possible to provoke a positive cultural change in the work spaces? We do not just believe that we can. Due to the rapid evolution in the ways of working this is a must. The power that built environment has to trigger new dynamics is almost infinite. So that was the challenge: reconnecting people, boosting new dynamics, improving coexistence, solving and increasing flexibility.


Concentrating most of the efforts on a single element and designing both a technical and spatial system. A 13 sq.m table becomes an extensive and indeterminate area levitating on impossible wire supports. A sinuous perimeter that goes over the workplace and generates different flexible and collaborative areas for coworkers. It provides a clear identity to the space thanks to its powerful image, versatility and scale.


The space had some technical conditions that made us consider the table as something global. A structure with high degree of finishes customization. Solved by a dry assembly system, it was digitally fabricated allowing to easily host and hide the facilities of every workstation, enhancing a comfortable visual neatness.

Vague table

System design and fabrication of technical and collaborative table in coworking space.

Design, fabrication and mounting: HDFaber
Location: Madrid
Year: 2018
Área: 250 m2
Status: built
Client: private

#hdfaber #workplace #coworking #versatile #reciclable #flexibility #collaborative #culturalshift #workingdynamic #ondulation #digitalfabrication #plywood #customizable #structural #installations #assembly